Kathakali (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Catherine Teresa, Karunas, Mime Gopi  and many more
Editing : Pradeep
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem
Directed by: Pandiraj

Pandiraj, for the first time, has come out of his usual genre to present a film where action is the main part. Vishal usually known for his love for action subjects has joined hands with Pandiraj for the first time. This itself has raised the expectations on this movie. Lets see what does this film has to offer.

Amuthavel (Vishal) comes from USA to Cuddalore, after a gap of 5 years, for his love marriage with Meenu Kutty (Catherine Tresa). Amuthan’s family has an enmity with the local gangster Thamba( Madhusudhanan) and for this reason only Amuthavel went to US. Thamba gets murdered mysteriously and his wife, gang members and cops suspect Amuthan. The rest is who killed Thamba and what happens to Amutha and his marriage.

Director Pandiraj has delivered a thriller that is quite racy for the most part. Though the second half of the film is racy, the first half though is not as exciting. Most of it is wasted on a meaningless romantic angle with some tiresome comedy thrown in as there is noting else to showcase. The screenplay is very good as it does not give any answer for the thriller till the end. The film revolves entirely around Vishal and the actor gives a decent performance. Catherine does her role pretty well in the love portions. Karunas fits the bill, namesake, as a comedian.

Movie’s another big asset are the raw action sequences, especially where the hero takes a selfie at the bus stand. Although Hiphop Tamizha does not have much to perform for songs, he has compensated with pulsating BGM. Balu’s camera work is splendid in capturing the night with rain as the background. Pandiraj has proved that he is not only best in delivering a children movie but also for a thriller. Do watch it if you like to witness a murder mystery without wasting a minute..!! 🙂


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