charlie-movie-poster-8683Starring: Dulquer Salman, Parvathy, Aparna Gopinath, Nedumudi Venu and many more
Editing : Shameer
Music : Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: Joman T John
Directed by: Martin Prakkat

I use to watch Malayalam movies only when it gets some word of mouth views. So this film is one such movie which were said very high about the characters and music. Also I watched mainly because of Parvathy, my favorite. So lets see how the movie is.

Tessa (Parvathy) runs away from her home after quitting her job and stays in a house which is occupied full of things which was left out by the previous person who stayed there, Charlie (Dulquer). She finds a drawing where a story is conveyed through art and its left over half. Interested in knowing the ending, Tessa travels to find who is Charlie and whats the end of the story he drew. Her travel towards Charlie and life forms the rest.

This movie might not appeal to all, but its sure to excite those who love the unusual. Maybe the director was doubtful about the ability of the audience to understand the movie so added few commercial elements. In doing so, he has compromised on that subtle artistry, which would have given a naturalness to the narrative. The lead actors Dulquer and Parvathy sizzles in their roles. Dulquer is intense as Charlie. Despite the bearded, edgy get up, he manages to carry the role with just the right amount of warmth. Parvathy plays her inquisitive part well and has equal screen time and presence as the hero.

A melodious background score from Gopi Sundar blends in well with the story. Camera angles by Jomon are charming enough which captures the difference with a tinge of romance. The crisp dialogues, the ideology presented and sequences are the big positives. It goes off slow in the middle of second half but comes back strong towards the end. This movie sure is a winner and a must watch, which prompts you to live life free-spiritedly. Barring its narrative style, ‘Charlie’ is one movie which can be enjoyed whole heartedly…!! 🙂


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