Bhooloham (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Prakashraj, Nathan Jones and many more
Editing : N Ganeshkumar
Music : Srikanth Deva
Cinematography: Sathish Kumar
Dialogs : SP Jananathan
Directed by: N Kalyanakrishnan

After a long hiatus this film has hit the screen at the right time by capitalizing on the fame which Ravi gained through ‘Thani Oruvan‘. This is a very long pending movie whose trailer created more ripples when it was released. Once again there is a film based on boxing but lets see how this differs from others.

The film opens with the clash between the two boxing clans, Nattu Marundhu Vaithiyar (Ravi) and Irumbu Manithar Rasamanikkam. A modern-day businessman Deepak (Prakashraj) wants to make use of this local flavor with his channel and organizes a tournament between Bhooloham (Ravi) and Arumugam, whose dad killed Ravi’s dad. Bhooloham wants to knock out and kill Arumugam for this reason. But once he defeats him at a match, he feels sad for him and swears not to play the game. Unfortunately business politics of Deepak  pushes Bhooloham to fight the national lever boxer. The winner should fight with the International psychotic boxer Steven George (Nathan Jones). What did Ravi do to both Prakashraj and the psychotic boxer forms the end.

With all the elements of making a good film, somehow in the process of narration, things go awry and the director loses control through the second half with many predictable scenes. The film just moves on its own without knowing where to proceed. The scenes are also abrupt and the film lacks continuity in certain scenes, thanks to the prolonged delay of the film. Jayam Ravi deserves a pat on his back for effortlessly fitting into the role of a ruthless boxer from North Chennai. His mannerisms, dialogue delivery and efforts taken to beef up his body add value to his role. Prakashraj is in top form. Trisha looks pretty but has nothing much to do except motivating the hero.

SP Jananathan’s dialogs are razor-sharp that too in the climax he expresses his desire through Ravi. Sathish does some good work behind the lens in capturing the gritty nature of North Madras and especially the fight sequences. Guess Srikanth Deva was not sure what type of songs and BGM was needed for the film and that’s the major drawback of the film. Though the film has the potential to make it big, mediocre second half makes it just a passable watch..!! 🙂


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