Pasanga 2 (TAMIL)

Pasanga 2

Starring: Surya, Amala Paul, Nishesh, Vaishnavi and many more
Editing : Praveen KL
Music : Aroll Corelli
Cinematography: Balasubramanium
Directed by: Pandiraj

Pandiraj is known for his films which is based on kids. This is his 3rd film based on the kids and that shows how much confidence he has on himself and the power of making kids act which is a very big task. Add a top star to this and this is what you call the hit elements. How has the film managed lets see.

Naina (Vaishnavi) and Kavin (Nishesh) are extremely active and naughty in school and their parents are forced to keep on changing the schools and flats. They come across Tamil Nadan (Surya) a child psychiatrist, where they learn that their kids have Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD). How the kids overcome the disorder with the help of Tamil Nadan and his wife Venba (Amala Paul), who works as a teacher in a school which has an altogether different setup for school, education and parenting.

If ‘Pasanga‘ was for rural kids this film is for urban kids. But the major difference is the former did not deal mainly about their problems but it had many side stories where their families were involved where here its only about those kids and the disorder. This major difference makes you feel this film is very slowly poised in the second half and its very difficult to think away that most scenes remind us about ‘Taare Zameen Par‘. Though many scenes are cliché and melodramatic, Pandiraj saves the film with his sharp dialogs and his way of making the kids perform. The film’s lead actors Vaishnavi and Nishesh make a brilliant debut. They will be loved for what they do and their innocence. Nishesh deserves a special mention for his dancing skills.

Karthik Kumar, Ramdoss, Bindu Madhavi and Vidya Pradeep add solidity to the film, by coming up with credible performances as anxious parents. Surya and Amala Paul have played extended cameo roles. Surya is at his best as a child friendly young parent. Amala Paul does her best. Balu’s visuals have excelled in the kids world and Aroll Corelli is back with a bang and he has etched his violin tunes all over the film. Editing is sharp as the film is just 2 hours in length. Though the film gives you the dejavu feel, the content is king and the movie is backed by good performances and strong dialogs which makes you to enjoy the kids play all over the film..!! 🙂


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