Eetti (TAMIL)


Starring: Atharva, Sri Divya, Jayaprakash, Naren and many more
Editing : Raja Mohammad
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Saravanan Abhimanyu
Directed by: Ravi Arasu

After the much troubled floods in Chennai, this is the movie which I saw once the city started to settle down again. I saw this film in the recently opened multiplex so it was much joy for me to explore both the city and the plex after a long time. So chose this film as it was getting some good feedback. That too after a long time I watched it on a weekday. Lets see how this sports based movie has fared.

Pugazhenthi (Atharva), an athlete, has a rare bleeding disorder called thrombasthenia. Even a small scratch on him causes black-out and heavy bleeding. He falls in love with Gayathri (Sri Divya) and he happens to come Chennai for a sports meet. He plans to meet her lady-love for the first time and happens to give lift to a stranger who happens to be the brother of Gayathri and thus earns the wrath of a gangster and his sidekick. Why he is being chased? What happens to his love forms the rest of the story.

The fight sequences are cleverly pictured and the director deserves credit for not over exploiting the story. The characters appear real, and even the medical condition has been well used. As usual the first half is damn slow which is filled by the so-called romantic songs but the love scenes look interesting. At times the comedy works out. The work done to show how the money laundering is done deserves a pat.

With toned physique, right expressions and subtle performance, Atharva brilliantly fits into the role of an athlete who turns up larger than life when situation warrants. Sri Divya is apt as his love interest. Jayaprakash steals the show as a caring father and Naren sparkles in the role of Atharvaa’s coach. RNR Manohar has the venom kind looks in his eyes. Selva, Murugadoss, Thirumurugan does their part too. Songs by GV Prakash are passable while BGM fits the bill and pushes the momentum in action sequences. Abhimanyu’s camera captures both the hurdles and fights with different shade. Editing could have been sharper in the first half.

What works for the film is the screenplay. The director aptly weaves all the sub plots together without appearing too cinematic. The director has presented action oriented film with good share of romance, family sentiment and comedy. Eetti has the sharpness for most part of the time and kindles interest towards the end and makes a decent commercial flick..!! )


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