Spectre (ENGLISH)


Note: This is my 150th post..!! πŸ™‚

Actually its a special feel when you come to know there is one more bond movie which get releases. Its extra special when you happen to see it in IMAX and that to the very first IMAX screen of your city. So there are many specials when I write this review. Lets see how the bond has scored in the movie.

The movie starts in Mexico City. Agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) trails some criminals in a continuous tracking shot. He shoots them, and escapes the crumbling structure only to land up fighting the criminal inside the helicopter over the town square. What follows is Bond hunting the organization responsible for the deaths of those closest to him, namely the prior M (Judi Dench). His path leads him to the nefarious terrorist organization, SPECTRE and its feared leader who has his own personal agenda for causing Bond misery.

At two-and-a-half hours length, the film is far too long and the climax has been dragged beyond patience. The film is more of a romance thriller than an espionage film, with a bloated plot at a meandering pace, without any real or semblance of reasoning. The director along with his cinematographer ensure that the frames are atmospheric in nature.

Overall, Spectre is a dazzling film, but it lacks the luster and adrenaline rush of a bond film which does not shake or stir us and leaves us blank with the high expectations it garnered..!! πŸ™‚


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