Vedalam (TAMIL)


Starring: Ajith, Sruthihaasan, Lakshmi Menon, Soori, Thambi Ramaya and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: Vetri
Directed by: Siva

Ajith joins hands with Siva for the second time after the last year’s ‘Veeram‘. So as usual the expectations went sky-high as the previous outing was widely accepted. New addition to the crew was the music director which is done by the upcoming Anirudh. Lets see what this film is about.

Ganesh (Ajith), is an innocent call taxi driver who leads a peaceful life with his sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) in Kolkata. He has an evil side too (he is known as Vedalam too), where he hunts down three crime lords who caused trouble to Tamizh and her family. What happened to Tamizh? Why Ganesh has to hide his identity is what the film is about. Here and there comes Sruthihaasan who gets dismissed from practicing law because of Ganesh and her brother loves Tamizh. Soori provides the comedy as playing the boss for Ganesh. There are predictable twists, convenient turns of events, logical lapses and all that are common in a mass film which would require us to keep our logical thinking aside and enjoy the show. The film somewhat resembles the cult classic ‘Baasha’.

The director has completely ignored the romantic angle, focusing instead on the brother-sister bond. The comedy wholeheartedly is terrible. There isn’t one moment dedicated to genuine laughter. The major drawback of the film is that the much-needed flashback portions fail to create any impact and we are unable to establish any emotional connect with the characters. As usual Ajith literally carries this film on his shoulders, for the film is largely clichéd and has a poor plot. His transformation scenes are terrific and provides the aww feel for his fans. Sruthihaasan has nothing new to offer. Lakshmi Menon is perfectly cast as the loving sister. She does full justice to her meaty role. Villains are just time pass as like how the comedy is in the film.

Anirudh has scored well only in Aaluma doluma song whereas his BGM’s are way too loud. BGM’s could have made better. Vetri’s camera work is fine whereas Ruben could have trimmed the second half a bit. Siva wanted to give a cliche commercial cocktail but he has not made the ingredients to gel well so it looks like half boiled. Overall, this is the hero’s forte to show his plus and attract more crowd but its a formula based film which has filled the template very well. Veeram was much better than this Phantom. Take a risk..!! 🙂


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