The Walk (ENGLISH)


This is the film which is based on a true story and such films creates interest to see how the real life scenario has been shown on-screen, that too when the real life incident was so tough to perform. The film is based on the real life story of Phillipe Petit, a French rope-walker. Joseph Gordon Levitt has portrayed the role really very well.

Phillipe Petit’s journey from little boy to young man, his exit from his house, his interest towards the World Trade Centre all forms the simple story. Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) helps him by offering few tricks. He meets his lady-love and after that its just the mission alone which he achieves with help of his accomplices. Climax stands out as tall as the towers. Effect of 3D is well felt in this movie.

Levitt performs really very well and carries his cool attitude till the end of the movie. His scenes with Kingsley tells how well the senior has performed with the younger one. It all comes together so well in the end that you’re even willing to forgive the boring, sometimes half boiled early portions, and the strictly hit-and-miss comedy of the first hour. But Zemeckis saves the best for the final 30 minutes, when Petit steps on the wire between the towers, 110 stories off the ground.

The camera swoops and soars catching the action from every possible angle, where you will find yourself clutching your armrest, occasionally shutting your eyelids. Zemeckis work with Petit proves effective and provides a neat and clean film which impresses you most of the times. Must watch please..!! 🙂


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