Naanum Rowdydhaan (TAMIL)

naanum-rowdy-dhaan-latest-posters02Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Parthiban, Radhika, RJ Balaji and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: George C Williams
Directed by: Vignesh Sivan

No one would have remembered Vignesh by now as he has directed a film long back which just created sound and settled soon. Once Dhanush announced that he is producing Vignesh’s next film then everything fell places. Cast, Crew everything made a good noise which gained attention of the public and thus this film attained the needed pre-release hype. Lets see how the film is.

‘Pondy’ Pandi (Vijay Sethupathi) is the son of a local inspector Radhika and he is trying hard to be a local rowdy, while his mom wants him to join the police force. Kadambari (Nayanthara) is a hearing impaired and her only aim is to kill Killivallavan (Parthiban), who had murdered her parents. Pandi meets her and accepts to help her with his set of friends. The rest of the film tells us how they go about it. As usual story is a known and seen one but the screenplay is the biggest plus of this film.

Vignesh has given a casual comedy with a slight story behind it and packed it very well with good characterization. Dialog’s are another plus for this film and that too dialog’s said by RJ Balaji makes the audience to go mad. Vijay Sethupathi has shed his weight along with his beard and mustache and has given the life to his character. His mannerism of talking seriously at first and then changing to comedy is highlight. Nayanthara as the hearing-impaired Kadambari puts up one of her best acts till date. She emote well and looks beautiful in her simple costumes. This lead pair is fresh and their chemistry works wonders on the screen. Another plus is she has dubbed for herself which boosts the visuals.

Parthiban scores with his unique brand of performance in a role which is simultaneously menacing and funny. His expression upon meeting with Nayanthara for the first time is a huge laugh riot. Other veterans like Anandraj, Radhika, Mansoor Ali Khan have performed well. RJ Balaji as Pandi’s friend is excellent. He gets back to his famous crosstalk show mode and has not spared any top hero or their films. George C Williams’s cinematography and Sreekar Prasad’s editing are top-notch and are some of the biggest positives along with Anirudh’s brilliant and apt background score.

Vignesh’s filming skills might not have impressed many through his debut but he has bounced back strongly with the support of his cast and crew which he has moulded well with his neat and cool screenplay. Credits to him for making such a wonderful film. This rowdy can be well embraced by all sections of people as he is refreshingly smart and entertaining. Do not miss it..!! 🙂


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