10 Enradhukula (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram, Samantha, Pasupathy, Ramdoss  and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : D Imman        Background Music : Anoop Seelin
Cinematography and Directed by: Vijay Milton

After ‘Goli Soda‘, all were waiting what does Milton going to do next. That too when that film went on to secure all the awards the expectations grew up when he announced that his next is going to be with Vikram. So like that this film is the Vikram’s next after the mega blockbuster ‘I‘. So lets see what does this film provides.

Vikram is a driving instructor who does not tell his real name and says a different name in different occasions like Bond, Gavaskar, Mani Ratnam. His special is he does many incredible things within 10 seconds. In the meantime he works with Doss (Pasupathy) who uses him to get things from many danger places. One such day he handles him a car to get it delivered to Mussorie. Inside the car Vikram finds Shakeela (Samantha) who is his driving student. They both travel together from Chennai to Mussorie. There they find out one group is badly needed of Samantha to fulfill their plan. Who is Samantha and what happens next is the good to hear script.

This film cannot come under Road movie genre, as this film offers nothing to it. Is just keeping on driving on the road with 2 songs placed on the way makes it to that genre. Quite not..!! The story may be good on paper but when you see it for nearly 145 minutes it makes you tired with very down the line screenplay and characters whom you not sure what they are doing and why they are there. There is no point in holding all your secrets till the last-minute and release all at once.

Vikram carries this movie on his shoulders all the way through, which was expected from an actor like him. Samantha on the other hand gets a meaty role but she has failed to deliver what was required of her. Pasupathy comes up with a refined performance and other supporting actors have delivered the goods, which is largely negated because of the movie’s not so fascinating plot. Technically, the film is top-notch with the crystal clear cinematography of Vijay Milton and lovely locales. Imman’s songs are nothing much to talk about while Anoop Seelin’s BGM is strictly average. Vikram always goes for a very casual movie each and every time after he finishes a biggie but he selects the story also to be too casual. To be missed strictly..!! 🙂


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