Rudhramadevi (TAMIL)


Starring: Anushka, Rana, Allu Arjun, Prakash Raj  and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Ilayaraja
Dialogs: Pa Vijay
Cinematography: Ajayan Vincent
Directed by: Gunasekhar

Once ‘Baahubali‘ started a film somewhat looking similar to that will normally attract attention. When the top leads are the same who worked in that film then eventually it will grab the interest. Such was the hype created for this film. Lets see whether this has made the film into a success.

Kakatiya dynasty’s king Ganapatideva is anxious that his new-born baby is a girl. According to the dynasty, a woman can’t rule the country and hence enemies are ready to take over the power. But Shiva Deviah (Prakash Raj), the minister of Ganapatideva, gives an idea to make a false announcement that the new-born is a boy and also trains her as a true warrior. After few years, there comes a situation where Shiva Deviah is forced to reveal the secret and eventually, enemies announce war on the kingdom. The rest of the film shows whether Rudhramadevi (Anushka) is able to manage the enemies.

First of all this is not a bilingual as its being promoted and its a clear dubbed movie. The selection of voices for dubbing is a pure bad choice which makes the viewing experience very poor. Even bigger stars like Allu Arjun, Prakash Raj sounds too odd which gives the feeling of watching dubbed serials on the television. Another drawback are the dialog which does not sync with the film at all. Screenplay drags and drags in the second half and all the scenes are just coming and does nothing to the film.

Anushka has tried to lift the film on her own and fails miserably. Rana does nothing and Allu Arjun has been made a clown who just makes fear at the beginning and just helps to finish the film. Star casting could have been done better. VFX and stunts does not add anything to such a big movie. Ajayan’s camera work just revolves around the same set of war fields and kingdoms. Ilayaraja’s BGM is somewhat okayish. Gunasekhar’s plot is nice in paper but it fails damn bad when it is shown on the screen. A queen saga which backfires most of the times..!! 🙂


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