Maya (TAMIL)

Nayanthara's Maya Movie Audio Release Posters


Starring: Nayanthara, Aari, Lakshmipriya, Robo Shankar and many more
Editing : TS Suresh
Music : Ron Yohan
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan
Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan

Except Nayanthara rest all were new in this film. So there was no pre hype and only factor which was taken a note is this film is also based on horror genre. I even skipped this film in the first week but later some ravishing reviews made me to watch this film. Lets see what the film is about.

This film also reveals in meta film mode. While one part is shot in black and white, the other deals with your everyday life scenario. Apsara (Nayanthara), a mother of a one-year-old baby girl, is a struggling actor and is separated from her husband who is also an actor. She stays in her good friend Swathi (Lakshmipriya), an assistant film director, place. Lakshmipriya and her director try to sell their film by promoting it by announcing 5 lakhs cash reward who watches the film alone. The other part introduces us to a sketching artist, Vasanth (Aari), who works for a weekly magazine, illustrating stories. He is working on a horror series that is inspired from a true story that occurred at a neighboring forest called Mayavanam. Vasanth loses his friend and the writer who are killed under mysterious circumstances. Vasanth goes into Mayavanam and Apsara takes up the deal of seeing the movie alone. Whats next is the plot.

With just minimal number of characters, Ashwin has penned a great story which is well backed by neat and clean screenplay. Each scene comes with a clarity which mingles well with the story. There are some truly hair-raising moments which are sure to haunt. All will wonder if we say that this is the director’s debut try. A warm welcome dude. Though the film seems to be slow the tight screenplay does not make you feel it so.

Nayanthara looks calm and composed and has underplayed her character. Just a few dialog to mouth she emote well. Aari has carried his role well enough. Lakshmipriya has done a commendable job as supporting to the main lead. Sound effects are too good and you will experience the thrill when you watch the film in the dolby atmos enabled screens. With almost new crew namely Ron Yohan and Sathyan Sooryan, the film should be normal but here it looks extra ordinary thanks to their involvement. Ron Yohan has made us literally glued to our seats. Just one song but he has scored very well in the BGM’s. Sathyan’s camera avoids usual angles and has captured the night scenes well. Suresh’s work is neat.

This film does not come under usual horror genre but has a strong story laced with few haunting scenes. A well packed movie with good screenplay which is well supported by cast, scintillating music and attractive camera shots makes the film worth a watch. Don’t miss it..!! 🙂


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