Vaalu (TAMIL)



Starring: Simbu, Hansika, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh, Naren and many more
Editing : Suresh
Music : Thaman
Cinematography: Shakthi
Directed by: Vijay Chander

After a long time we are seeing Simbu’s film, nothing much just about 3 years long. Even though it had many release dates announced in the middle it was this year it made to the screens. The problems and issues behind the film itself made it a film to be watched. Hype’s can be created like this too. So lets see what Simbu’s Vaalu is about.

Sharp (Simbu) is a happy-go-lucky guy who leads his life without any worries. He sees Priya (Hansika) and its love at first sight. When he proposes Priya tells that her parents have already decided her to be married with her maternal uncle Anbu (Aditya). What happens to Sharp and his love forms the rest of the story. The good thing about this film is how Sharp’s family treats him. Even though he does not work or do anything useful, his father supports him like anything.

This is a usual story and as usual it goes with comedy in the first half and few action blocks in the second. Other than that there are no twists or nothing in the film. The ending is somewhat refreshing where the main villain does not fight with the hero and thus saves the time. The dialogues and the comedy has worked big time for the film. The film is a complete Simbu show all the way. It’s no harm that he waited so long for this film.

The Simbu-Santhanam chemistry also works big time and is the highlight of the film. VTV Ganesh too adds to the fun. Remove comedy and the film falls flat. Hansika comes across as the bubbly heroine in a commercial film. Naren as Simbu’s father steals the show with his performance. There is no much scope for the villains. Editor could have chopped a few scenes which could have made the film more lively. Camera looks ok and Thaman scores well in his songs and BGM’s. Overall its just another romantic commercial entertainer which passes muster thanks to comedy..!! 🙂


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