Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (ENGLISH)


As usual like all sequels this film too gained more attention like all its previous 4 versions, thanks to their success, the film opened very big here. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back again and he does not make you wait for so long so its straight away action right from scene 1 where he places himself on the wing of the air jet, the stunt done by the actor on his own without a body double at the age of 54. This makes us feel how the film will be in terms of action and stunts.

In this part, the Impossible Mission Forces (IMF) team is being disbanded by the CIA in front of a Senate committee. Hunt is on the mission to overcome the Syndicate, which is nothing but a group of old spies forming a separate entity which is also a rogue nation. How comes the Hunt and his team do that is the crux of this part. The mission crosses many more parts of the world like Morocco, Istanbul, Vienna and halts finally in London.

In the fourth part, we saw Tom Cruise scaling the heights of the tallest tower in the world, and here he jumps into a shallow whirlwind of water turbine and continues to amaze with his elevated tricks with the help of his team. Rebecca is the surprise package for she has more scope in terms of acting equivalent to Ethan Hunt’s character and puzzles her character continuously. Benji (Simon Pegg) and Brandt (Jeremy Runner) adds more element to the action flick.

Luckily there is no romantic subplot in the film. Mission Impossible sure is an interesting franchise, on the lines of spy movies which continues to innovate so that the franchise doesn’t grow old. Christopher McQuarrie  has infused action as its primary motto and clearly it has never dried down to the end and made sure the film ticks off all the needed things for a good enjoyable action film. Hope Ethan gets back again with MI 6..!! 🙂


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