Maari (TAMIL)

MaariStarring: Dhanush, Kajal Agarwal, Robo Shankar, Vijay Yesudas and many more
Editing : Prasanna
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Directed by: Balaji Mohan

In the recent days, publicity plays a very important role in a movie’s success. Not only for success even for the failure too. Publicity is fine we can accept as that’s the way to reach out the public. But what about the pre-hype which is created? We have seen pre-hype’d movie becoming a huge hit like last week’s ‘Baahubali‘ or the all time box office dud ‘Anjaan‘. So one such pre-hype’d movie is what we gonna see now which has national award winner playing as the lead. Lets see whats there.

Maari (Dhanush) is a local don who has murdered another don eight years back and thus ruling over his locality. Arjun (Vijay Yesudas), transferred cop to that area takes up this case and plans to arrest Maari. Sridevi (Kajal) comes to the area with plans of opening a boutique and Arjun takes the help of Sridevi and arrests Maari. Once he comes of out jail, Maari comes to know about the real picture of Arjun and what happens between Maari and Arjun forms the end.

This is another film which shows good in trailer but the film fails when compared to trailer. The film follows the tried and tested template of the age-old mass commercial movies of Tamil cinema. Even though the film has some bird race or sandalwood smuggling parts in the plot, nothing has been told in-depth which leaves the story hung without balance. Stylish beard, coolers, trendy shirts, punch dialogs all are well portrayed for the hero, but there should be some powerful villain for him. But that is missing badly here. This is not a bad film, but just a badly written film.

The film’s biggest strength is undoubtedly Dhanush’s impetuous performance and terrific screen presence. He carries the character of Maari through his back with punch dialogues and one liners. After him, Robo Shankar is the biggest asset of Maari, his amazing screen presence and amusing body language is one thing and his timing comic counters is another. Kudos to Balaji Mohan for utilizing him to full extent in both of his movies. The screenplay continues to entice by showcasing the hero’s mass, thanks to his sidekicks the film is kept lively. Debutant Vijay Yesudas (in acting), has nothing to offer other than the first few scenes. One of the damn boring part of the film is Kajal Agarawal and her so-called-love scenes with Dhanush.

Anirudh, once again, proves him that he is a huge plus for all the films he has scored. Songs and BGM’s saves most of the film, which falls low otherwise. Om Prakash and Prasanna have done their part well. Balaji Mohan’s big leap of faith into the commercial stream with didn’t seem to have worked in his favour. His previous outings was very well enjoyed and thus he must have thought to go to the next level and has taken this route. Having Dhanush, Anirudh, Robo Shankar on one side as positive’s could not get a good story which makes this film less on entertainment but more on masala. One and once only for Dhanush..!! 🙂


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