Papanasam (TAMIL)


Starring: Kamalhaasan, Gauthami, Asha Sharath, Kalabhavan Mani and many more
Editing : Ayoob Khan
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev
Dialogues : Jeyamohan
Directed by: Jeethu Joseph

Yes, now the Visual has come to the people of Tamilnadu to be witnessed. This film is the official remake of the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Drishyam‘. The major plus of the film is the lead character which is enacted by Kamal. I don’t think any other information is needed about the film as Kamal, the one word, is enough to create the ripples.

The story is not anything new and Jeethu Joseph, the director of the original, has directed this too. So if in case you need the story please check the ‘Drishyam‘ page. The major differences are the lead family has been changed to Hindu from Christian and thus the corresponding names and locations. The similarities are Asha Sharath and Esther, the IG and younger daughter reprise their roles here too, apart from Jeethu. But the nativity slang used here in this film is a huge plus and its refreshing to hear the language but it has to be listened carefully as there is wide humor enhanced on the flow.

The people who have watched the original can still enjoy this which is because of the changes they did with respect to the characterization of the artists. Right from the Viboodhi on the forehead to the Cuticura Powder on the chest, the nativity is kept tight, thanks to Jeyamohan for his dialogues and Suka who have taught the slang. All the actors have delivered the nellai slang with sheer perfection, they have also followed the mannerisms and body language of the people lives in the particular locality which deserves a huge applause!

Kamalhaasan takes the film to a whole new level. He seems to emote just as much with his body, eyes and expression as with the clever dialogues. After a long time his emotions along with the pain and his looks, mannerisms everything cooperated well. Climax scene is a sheer example. Gauthami who makes a comeback looks good in her character, but in general looks weak. Asha Sharath has brilliantly reproduced her powerful performance from the original. The rest of the actors including Niveda Thomas, Baby Esther, Kalabavan Mani, MS Baskar and Anant Mahadevan who have also excelled in their performances.

Ghibran’s music, and cinematography by Sujith, quietly blend in while adding an intensity that draws you into every frame, empathizing with the characters. Though the film is a bit longer than the original, it can be accepted given the scope of performances. Jeethu Joseph once again excels in giving a quality product with another super actor and has cooked this remake, faithfully, with an authentic local flavor and more detailing from the original..!! 🙂


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