Terminator Genisys (ENGLISH)


Terminator..!! This name will definitely give goosebumps for the people whoever has seen the first two parts for sure. The next two parts was not so successful like them and now comes its fifth installment. After his stint with the expandable s, Arnold comes back strongly in his film and that gives the excitement and eagerness to watch this film..

Film starts with John Connor’s narration in the year 2029 saying Skynet is a threat and to avoid this he sends his friend Kyle back to year 1984 to protect his mother Sarah from the terminator attack and he can survive too. Due to unexpected turn of events, Kyle meets a wrong person who is a skilled fighter protected by a guardian (Arnold). In the same time, Genisys , a latest technical application which is said to come online will eventually begin the Judgement day. What happens from then is the remaining part of the movie.

Once again here comes a sequel which lacks the creativity and the story which the first two parts of the series had (of course it was directed by James Cameron). But this can be watched only for Arnold as the film is backed only by him given his smile (special one) or his dialog delivery be anything. Also the film cannot be termed as sequel as it goes to prequel, sequel and at times rehashed too.

Overall, what the movie lack in story, it made up for with great stunts, witty screenplay and memorable dialogues. Genisys is definitely worth watching in the theaters, although more than once would be a torture to anyone who is not a hardcore fan. Only for Arnold..!! 🙂


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