Yaagavarayinum Naa Kaaka (TAMIL)


Starring: Aadhi, Nikki Galrani, Mithun Chakraborty, Pasupathy, Nasser and many more
Editing : Sabu Joseph
Music : Prasan, Praveen, Shyam
Cinematography: Shanmugasundaram
Directed by: Sathya Prabhas

Another low profile film which had the hero who once was a bankable star but now he has come back from nowhere. Just the trailers and Mithun’s first tamil film appearance made this film to hit into the to be watched list. Another director and hero who are brothers join together to present a thriller based movie as per the trailers. Lets see what does this film is about.

Four friends who spend their joyous moments in life , get together for a new year party. An argument arises between one of the friends and underworld don’s daughter. A word let off from one of the friend’s mouth starts the problem for them. There after they face a lot of problems and does the hero save his family or his friends who are under a great threat posed by the don is the crux of the film. There can be twists which can make us think what will happen in the film, but this film has too many twists which makes us to think too much, which at times make us tired. But all these twists comes only in the second half whereas the first half is totally dedicated to hero and his love affair which seems to be ok, even though its interesting.

Aadhi’s heroism and his portrayal is highly appreciable. The actor looks stunning in the action sequences. Nikki Galrani’s infectious smile and naughtiness is a major plus in the first half. Aadhi and Nikki share a beautiful chemistry and the heroine’s extra effort to dub her lines is appreciable. Aadhi’s bonding with the three friends and the timely dialogues between them make their friendship appear very natural on-screen. Nasser, Kitty, Pasupathy and Naren have proved their expertise in this film as well. Despite being a debutant in Kollywood, the veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty has succeeded in impressing the Tamil audiences. His rough and tough look and his aggressive performance is stunning. Lakshmipriya and Richa Pallod’s character add to the twist of the film.

Shanmugasundaram has upgraded the mood of the film with his amazing visuals. His extra pain to the colors has very much strengthened the film’s output, which is evident on-screen. In addition to this, the background score by Prasan Praveen Shyam has complimented the visuals and enhanced the action sequences. The film happens to be pretty lengthy due to some songs in between. The debutant director Sathya Prabhas has impressed the audiences with his very smart directorial skills. A very strong script with highly thrilling twists and turns, he has succeeded in keeping the audiences thrilled, but seems to be confused how to end the film. A good debut overall for him and he gives a decent thriller. Thirukural’s phrase clearly gives out the message. Not a bad debut overall..!! 🙂


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