Starring: Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi, Anupama, Madonna, Shabareesh and many more
Music : Rajesh Murugesan
Cinematography: Anand C Chandran
Edited and Directed by: Alphonse Putharen

Another film for which we went just by the word of mouth. No trailers, no songs, no nothings we knew except its directed by the ‘Neram‘ director and produced by ‘Bangalore Days‘ producer and has Nivin Pauly in it. Slowly the reviews started to come even in non Malayalam magazines and portals and thus raised the curiosity for the film and once subtitles are in we too were in to see it.

This is the story of George David (Nivin Pauly) which starts from his 20’s. He starts wooing the local beauty Mary George (Anupama). The escapades continue in a mostly hilarious tone and in an engaging manner. Finally, he decides to propose to her one day, but he then realizes that Mary is already in love with another guy, who is also named George. George is then left heartbroken. Now when he is in his college days, he meets Malar (Sai Pallavi), a new guest lecturer from Tamilnadu. He instantly falls in love with her despite she being the teacher. Malar and George begins a casual relationship, and then Malar loses her memory when she met with an accident. A few years later, George runs a cafe and becomes a friend with one of his customers Celine (Madonna). Who is this Celine and what happens to George forms the sweet ending for the film.

From the very first frame of the movie till the last word in the thanks card, everything about it will leave you with a smile on your face. Thats Alphonse for you. No new things in the story but still it feels interesting. The antics of a teenager, a traditional looking beautiful teacher doing a break dance and all are the interesting ones. Even though the girl you follow is good sometimes you even have the feel that certain styles of her are not good which is clearly said by George in the film which is good to see and clearly says the backbone of any film is the writing.

The film is backed by a good casting with top-notch performers, though some are debutants. Nivin could have not asked anything better than this. 3 phased character in a single film and each with a difference each in mannerism, style, dressing, grooming, etc. He has changed into George altogether. Coming to the leading ladies of the movie, Anupama, Sai Pallavi and Madonna, who are part of the three phases of George’s life. They come across to him as three seasons that evoke varied emotions in him. Mary was just an infatuation, Malar is his love and Celine his lifelong partner. His infatuation makes him weep like a child, his love makes him a stronger man and his life partner brings warmth to his life. Each lady is not in beauty and all looks like a normal beauties. Sai Pallavi as Malar steals away the show. Nivin’s friends, college lecturer who follows Malar, George’s dad, dance tutor, Malar’s cousin, cafe’s horse riding customer like this each and every one has something or other to offer in the film.

Coming to the technicalities of the film, they are just flawless. From background score to the songs, Rajesh has literally given a gem. He overpowers his ‘Neram‘ songs with that of this film’s. Anand C Chandran scores with the brilliant cinematography, which makes a perfect ambiance for a light-hearted entertainer. Editing by director Alphonse Puthren also meets the standards. Alphonse, who has handled the script and direction, successfully brings out a perfect entertainer, with a very light yet interesting storyline. The treatment of this serious subject is laden with humor and he shows that even the most depressing of situations can be overcome if we take them lightly. The director surely deserves a great applause for the courage and confidence he shows to choose the simple themes and different narrative patterns for his movies. Don’t miss it..!! 🙂


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