Romeo Juliet (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Hansika Motwani, VTV Ganesh, Poonam Bajwa and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Directed by: Lakshman

Film named Romeo Juliet will eventually be based on the love of the lead pair. So no guesses that under which genre this film comes but what is the difference that this film provides is what has to be seen. Good songs and interesting trailer added the so-called hype for the film along with the lead pair. So lets see what does this Romeo and Juliet offers us.

Subbulakshmi alias Aishwarya (Hansika) and Karthik (Ravi) are contrasting characters. Hansika is an orphan, who works as an air hostess with dreams of settling big in life by marrying a guy who has money. Karthik is a middle class gym trainer, who believes in true love, marriage, family and children. His work as a personal trainer to celebrities gives him the opportunity to move among the higher circles of society. Believing him to be a rich business tycoon, Aishwarya attracts him with her charm and Karthik falls in love. But the minute Aishwarya discovers his truth, she kicks him out of her life and gets engaged to a big business magnet. What does Karthik do for his love is the little bit interesting second half.

The plot of this movie can be termed as old wine in new bottle as it doesn’t offer anything new, but what works is its entertainment quotient as the director somehow manages to keep us engaged for most parts if not throughout. The film moves on a practical way of how love is treated in this generation. The constant fighting between the lead pair gets quite tedious after a while. Placement of a song in the second half literally acts as a speed breaker in the flow. Thank god there was not much of stunts in the film. Ravi, after a long time, plays a romantic character which he always does best. He has given his heart and soul for the character and his performance is flawless. Hansika impresses with her cute expressions and almost steals the entire first half. Her lip-sync sometimes, goes haywire though.

VTV Ganesh’s comic one-liners are good and it comes in handy for the entertainment quotient. Poonam and Vamsi comes as fillers. D Imman’s BGM and songs are good while editing could have been done in the second half. Soundar’s camera brings gloss to the frames and gels well with the costumes. While the first half is engaging, second half gets draggy at few places before the climax makes you forget about the negativity as the film approaches a feel good finish. Lakshman takes the usual clichés from all the love films and adds entertainment factor to it, which at times test your patience, but finally comes out good. Romeo Juliet entertains mostly and can be watched once..!! 🙂


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