Jurassic World (ENGLISH)


Two decades back we witnessed huge and monstrous species called Dinosaurs whom, by then, we saw only in some books or news articles. Thanks to Spielberg who brought us those species to us right in front of our eyes. Even now he is affiliated to the world but just to the production part and thus made sure how grand the film should be. Thus we start to witness the most interesting world.

Dinos are back but they are very bigger, heavier and more scarier too. Jurassic World is managed by Claire, she is nervous about looking after her two nephews who have come for a visit to the World, which is owned by Irrfan Khan. She is also nervous about the creepy new mega-dinosaur they have secretly created (mix of dinosaur and animal DNA) to boost visitor numbers, which is genetically created by lab scientists and watched over by the sinister military consultants for using them in warfare.

There is a lot of action, with each of them bigger and louder than the last, but the thrills run oddly cold. Sure, rampaging dinosaurs can be a blast, but it is never threatening, never menacing. The casting is best in the film starting from Chris Pratt and Irrfan Khan, who plays a major role here. Though the film has all the ingredients to become a blockbuster that’s not expected from such a grand sequel. The visuals and CG are widely used and improves the flow of the film.

It’s unfair to stack up Jurassic World up against Jurassic Park when the older movie is such an enduring classic, an action movie that also worked beautifully as a thriller with some of cinema’s most iconic movie monsters. Judging by its own, Jurassic World is big and exciting and well-paced, the plot offers nothing for the thrills which we felt twenty years back. World is not good like the Park, but it is a worthy successor..!! 🙂


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