Massu Engira Maasilamani (TAMIL)


Starring: Surya, Nayanthara, Premji, Pranitha, Parthiban and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: RD Rajasekar
Directed by: Venkat Prabhu

Back from the debacle ‘Anjaan‘, Surya joins hands with Venkat Prabhu who is famous for taking films which has only male characters dominating the film. Even his last outing ‘Biriyani‘ was not well cooked. So what does he give this time as his hero is a big star and who has a huge fan following. Has he hit the much-needed sixer? Lets see..

Massu aka Maasilamani (Surya) is a small time con in the company of his close friend Jetu (Premgi). He falls in love with Malini (Nayanthara). One day when Jetu and Massu escapes from a gang their car crashes, Jetu is killed and Maasilamani survives, but acquires the extra-sensory power to see ghosts. One of them is his own friend, Jetu, and the other a look-alike of himself called Shakthi. Not only him there are many of ghosts who interacts with them asking to fulfill their wish. Shakthi deceives Massu to take revenge against people who killed him and his family. Why and for what and who is Shakthi is answered in the not so interesting second half.

First half moves like a comic film and we are not sure which genre the film falls under. Love episodes are made to look like a mandatory element and the ghosts chasing the hero evokes laughter instead of something for which it has been made. Screenplay is better in the second half once Parthiban enters the scene and when we think the film will kick-start from there again it sinks in the form of flashback. Surya has played both the characters with Elan. Special efforts taken by him to get his Ceylon slang right coupled with his near-perfect body language is praiseworthy. Premji as the ghost friend has not irritated this time which is good.

Nayanthara and Pranitha have just a little more than their names to contribute to the film. Samuthirakani and Parthiban try to do justice to their roles but they fall short. Karunas, Sriman and the rest of the ghost gang are funny indeed. Yuvan’s music is certainly not the best, but the BGM in the revenge sequences are a definite treat. RD Rajasekar’s cinematography is commendable while Praveen’s editing has helped the film to flow at a not so slow pace. The end-credits bloopers make you laugh. As usual Venkat made a film which is short on the writing part and tried to make a hit with the star factor. It looks like a mishmash of many movies. One time-pass watch..!! 🙂


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