Tanu Weds Manu Returns (HINDI)


Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Madhavan, Jimmy Shergil, Swara Bhaskar, Deepak Dobriyal and many more
Editing : Hemal Kothari
Music : Krsna Solo
Cinematography: Chirantan Das
Written by: Himanshu Sharma
Directed by: Anand L Rai

A sequel to the cult family hit which no one would have ever thought of. The sequel starts from where the previous part concluded. The star cast remains the same but with a slight tweak to one of the character which turns out to be the trump card of the movie. What is that and how does the film fare.? Lets see..

Film begins with the marriage visuals of Tanu (Kangana) with Manu (Madhavan). Cut to four years later in London they both sits for a counseling session in a mental asylum where Manu is kept under control. Tanu starts back to India and informs Pappi (Deepak) about Manu and asks him to take him from asylum. Manu is fed up and decides to get divorced. With a nervous state of mind he sends her the notice and Tanu comes back to her hometown and meets her ex Raja (Jimmy Shergill). Meanwhile Manu meets Kusum (Kangana), Tanu’s lookalike at a college lecture and falls for her. Kusum too reciprocate but she is already been engaged with Raja. This chain of confusion leads to the interesting end.

The story doesn’t delve into the seriousness of the issue of marital discord. It’s the performances and the writing that makes it all palatable. Every once in a while there’s a one liner that makes you laugh out. Screenplay and dialogs by Himanshu moves the film without any dull moment. The portrayal of the north indian milieu deserves a special mention.

Kangana is the pillar of the film, this time she has become more strong with her dual role. She has given stellar performances in both the roles she has essayed, but more whistles for her Haryanvi character which she performed with aplomb. Film by film she is increasing her acting skills and her choice of roles is perfect. Madhavan on the other hand is just perfect and remarkable in his controlled act. Deepak keeps the film entertaining along with Jimmy Shergill and the entire cast adds more interesting elements to the film.

Krsna Solo’s songs and BGM are much good and editing the film for a mere 2 hours makes Hemal to feel proud of his work. Camera by Chirantan captures all the essential and minute details of the small villages. Anand’s direction has lifted the movie to much higher levels. With Himanshu Sharma along for his aid, he has excelled in giving a sequel which is fun-filled, awesome and full of performances which you can enjoy till the last scene. Must Watch..!! 🙂


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