Demonte Colony (TAMIL)

Starring: Arulnithi, Ramesh Thilak, Sanath, Abhishek Joseph and many more
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Music : Keba Jeremiah        Background Score : Chinna
Cinematography: Aravind Singh
Directed by: Ajay Gnanamuthu

One more horror flick in the recent times, but this horror film does not even have any female character in the film and its only horror and nothing else present. Arulnithi needs to give a solid hit as his ‘Mounaguru‘ released 2 years back. Whether this horror flick has given him a success? Lets see..

Srini (Arulnithi), Vimal (Ramesh Thilak), Raghavan (Sanath) and Sajith (Abhishek) are good friends who are residing at a housing board colony. Just like any other horror movie, all the four of them booze away and intentionally goes to the well known abandoned bungalow in the city aka Demonte Colony. Then comes the history of Demonte. Demonte, a wealthy Portuguese businessman invites all the goldsmiths in the country to make a royal chain to his wife, but his wife becomes mentally retarded and when he realizes that someone in the mansion has made her pregnant, he goes on a killing spree. There is an eerie history that whoever visits the bungalow is murdered in a mysterious fashion. During their visit, Raghavan gets the royal gold chain from the bungalow and now all the four friends will get murdered one by one as their house is haunted by the dead Demonte himself. What happens next is the thrilling second half.

There’s no female lead, no glamorous flashback, no hideous outfits – these are some of the reasons that make this film watchable. The first half takes its own sweet time to get developed given the length of the film is mere 120 minutes. The best part about the screenplay is that it has given all actors equal screen presence, thereby avoiding seeing just the lead man to fight against the evil. Arulnithi leads the gang and he has given a decent performance. Ramesh Thilak takes care of the comical part and his one liners gets a good applause. MS Bhaskar who comes in a brief role steals the show and the foreigner who played as Demonte is perfect for the role of depressed businessman.

The film is technically strong. The amazing cinematography of Aravind Singh who uses unique angles and almost aces the technique of shooting a horror flick is something to watch out for. Other positive in the technical aspect is Chinna’s background score. His re-recording and understanding of what needs to be done for a horror flick in too good. Almost entirely shot in a single room with no gruesome ghosts or unnecessary build up, the director has skilfully created the eerie atmosphere, with rain to his advantage and underlying hint of truth. Director just given a pure horror film and made the evil to succeed at the end. Horror fans can embrace this and can visit the colony for sure..!! 🙂


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