36 Vayadhinile (TAMIL)


Starring: Jyothika, Rahman, Abirami, Delhi Ganesh, Jayaprakash and many more
Editing : Mahesh Narayanan
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Diwakaran
Directed by: Roshan Andrews

Remakes comes up once in a while these days and that a film portrayed mainly on female and their emotions gets special attention. That too when a top class heroine, a decade back, makes a comeback its gets much bigger. Jyothika comes again with this film with the backing of her husband and producer Surya with a top class Malayalam film ‘How old are you?’. Lets see how this remake fares up.

Vasanthi (Jyothika) works as a clerk in the revenue department and age is a matter of growing concern for her. She is a devoted wife to her husband Tamizh Selvan (Rahman), a doting mother and a dutiful daughter-in-law. Tamizh who works as a radio jockey wants to migrate to Ireland, but Vasanthi was unable to find a job in Irish companies due to her unemployable age. While Tamizh feels that she is a waste, her daughter is least bothered about her. One day Vasanthi’s routine life changes completely as she is asked to meet the President of India, who wants to have a conversation with her. The meeting turns out to be disastrous as she faints in front of the president and becomes the subject of jokes on social media. Susan David (Abhirami), an old college-mate of hers rekindles their past and reminds her of the firebrand that she had been once and inspires Vasanthi to reinvent herself. The rest is how Vasanthi prove her worth and chase her dreams to reach greater heights.

The pace of the film is very slow and though the length of the film is crisp it feels as though we are seeing the film for long and at one point it feels like as though we are seeing a documentary. Moreover all the male characters are portrayed as just who just scolds the women. The biggest highlight of the film is its dialogues and they serve the purpose than merely entertain. Writer Viji knows exactly how to strike a perfect balance between melodrama and comedy and he does gloriously so on several occasions. The film is undoubtedly Jyothika’s show all the way. She keeps you engaged with her expressions, emotions and spontaneity. She draws you into her life, makes you smile and brings in a feel for her. Rahman and other other supporting cast have done justice to their respective roles. While Siddharth Basu makes you believe that he is the actual President of India, Abhirami’s characterization is not as convincing as it should’ve been.

The backbone of the film are the songs and the background score of Santhosh Narayanan. Diwakaran’s camera shots looks good mainly during the terrace shots. Roshan should be lauded for conveying the positive message that age is not a constraint for women to achieve success in life. He has faithfully remade his original version and tried to recreate the magic in Tamil and succeeds to a certain extent. Overall, despite few shortcomings, the film is a clean family entertainer which can be watched for Jyothika and only for her..!! 🙂


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