Uttama Villain (TAMIL)


Starring: Kamalhaasan, K Balachander, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Urvasi and many more
Editing : Vijay Shankar
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography: Shamdat
Written by: Kamalhaasan
Directed by: Ramesh Aravind

After the blockbuster ‘Viswaroopam’, Kamal comes back with another of his story directed by his bestie and he gets the opportunity along with his mentor who just passed away few months back. Kamal gets into his own territory when it comes to his story. His stories could not be understood by a normal movie going audience. Is this Villain also fall under the same category..? Lets check..

Manoranjan (Kamalhaasan) is the number one star in Tamil cinema who was introduced by Margadarsi (K Balachander), but for the past twenty five years he is acting in films produced by his father-in-law (K Viswanath). Manoranjan has a doting wife (Urvasi) and an affair with his doctor Arpana (Andrea). Everything comes to a standstill when he comes to know he has cancer. Manoranjan goes back to his guru Margadarsi to make a film and thus comes a film named Uttama Villain in which the hero Uttaman (Kamalhaasan) escapes from the death many times due to intervention but mistaken to be known as Mritunjayan or the one who is immortal. An evil King Mutharasan (Nasser) imprisons the princess after attempting to marry her. Mutharasan comes to know his life is in danger and hence brings Uttaman to keep him alive. What happens to Uttaman and Manoranjan is told parallel in the screenplay that leads to a riveting climax.

The film is full of performances and only dialog and emotions based performances which does not lead to any commercial elements. Combining Theyyam, an ancient dance form of Kerala and Tamil folk music Villupattu adds new sheen to the film and at the same time these two makes the film to get a bit slow at parts in the second half. Reel life film story which is based on 8th century is of pure Tamil which many feels difficult to connect. Few scenes seems to be of good importance whereas few could have been left off.

It is undoubtedly a Kamal show all the way! The actor sparkles in both the roles, an ego bloated Manoranjan and a simple Uttaman. The emotional bonding between Kamal his wife Urvashi, son and daughter are noteworthy. An ensemble of fine actors is assembled to breathe life into the film’s plot, and each is integral in their own way, despite the length of their parts. Veterans KB and KV show how good their acting is and particularly when they two and Kamal share the screen its picture perfect. Andrea gets more space among the female and she has performed what is needed. MS Bhaskar gets the long awaited role which he has portrayed well. Nasser completely outshines everyone in the film within the film. Pooja Kumar’s acting is good as the princess Karpagavalli but looks more like a Greek princess than a Tamil one.

The film is solid when it comes to technicalities. Dialogues are sharp and witty and evoke laughs at regular intervals. Ghibran’s music is the back bone of the film. Shamdat’s camera and Vijay Shankar’s editing all work seamlessly to give a wondrous movie watching experience. Ramesh Arvind should be given a pat for attempting to bring Kamal’s dream to the screen and succeeding to a great extent. 172 minutes length is the major con for the film but certain films are exception from it as its purely story oriented. I am very sure not all movie goers will love the film but the lovers of pure cinema will reserve a place for this film in their hearts. Strictly for Kamal and his story..!! 🙂


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