Avengers : Age Of Ultron (ENGLISH)


Yes here it is. The sequel to the blockbuster (yes its just a word for the Avengers) is out that too a week ahead of its world release. Usually we will be jumping to see a superhero movie. But Avengers are special. This is a film where you can see nearly four to five superheroes fighting together either to save the world from bad evils or to save the people. Here too they do that but as this is a sequel there are some story stuffs too.

This time the Avengers are pitted against Ultron, an artificial intelligence peacekeeping force, ironically created by Tony Stark @ Iron Man to protect the world. As invariably tends to happen in these scenarios, the invention goes rogue and turns on his creator, becoming convinced that the only path to peace involves the elimination of the Avengers. The beginning of the film sets the tone for the rest of it. The superheroes are assembled trying to retrieve the Tesseract and the team finds itself in the middle of an onslaught. The film starts with an adrenaline rush that is challenging to match. And it indeed makes for one of the most arresting scenes in the film. The VFX is spectacular and you know that you are in for a joyride.

A lot of time is given to the fears and back stories of the Avengers. This is where the film starts lagging in the middle till the toe-curling climax revives it. The problem that Avengers suffers from is too much of everything — too many superheroes (there are three more than those present in the prev version), too much emotion as practically all of them have their dark moments and too many narrative strands. But there are some cool parts too. Some smart humour Thor’s hammer gag is the best part.

Expectedly this is a bigger, louder, and more action-packed sequel. There are more jokes and more set pieces. The stakes are certainly higher, but there’s very little tension. It might not be the same good one like the first one but this too has its share and there are subtle hints in the movie, as well as a teaser at the end (stay till the end of the credits) that pave way for the next two instalments of the ‘Avengers’ and raising the expectations for all superhero movies to come. Avengers always cannot be missed..!! 🙂


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