Kanchana 2 (TAMIL)


Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee, Nithya Menon, Kovai Sarala and many more
Editing : Kishore
Music : Thaman, Sathya, Leon James, Aswamithra        Background Score: Thaman
Cinematography: Rajavel Olhiveeran
Directed by: Raghava Lawrence

Kanchana was the first film to make the new genre say ghost based comedy type of films in the Tamil industry. It comes back with Kanchana 2 but not as a sequel based. Each and every time a new film comes and goes in this genre. So will this one be too on the same line or is there something different to present. Lets see..

The story is nothing different from any of its earlier versions which is mixed with some social issue and message on that. Lawrence plays the role of a cameraman at a popular television channel. In order to boost up the TRP’s the channel plans to make a series on ghosts and start on that with the crew which has Taapsee, Sriman, Manobala, Chaams, Mayilsamy, Pooja and Madhu. They enter a haunted house as a part of their work schedule and return after witnessing a horror unfold in front of their eyes. Needless to say, after a few days they discover that both Lawrence and Taapsee are possessed by different spirits seeking vengeance. Who are those ghosts and what do they want forms the crux of the story.

There are very usual elements like songs, dance, comedy and as usual some special VFX added to make feel that this is a ghost film. First half goes very slowly until the story starts. VFX looks ordinary overall and the climax looks like its based on Mortal Kombat game. Lawrence plays a dual role and there are many differences in his characterization. Taapsee is the surprise package of the film, be it as the show director or when she transforms as the ghost. Nithya Menon steals the second half but the flashback looks outdated. Kovai Sarala and others have performed what was needed.

Second half could have been trimmed a lot and Lawrence changing into different characters could have been cut short. Music by different persons gives more satisfaction and Thaman’s BGM are perfect for a ghost based film. Rajavel Olhiveeran’s camera work is precise and has done justice to the horror genre. Lawrence, has come a long way as a director and sure knows how to cook up a normal story with the needed stuffs. However, the second half is tiring in parts and the flashback sequences are over-dramatized. Climax looks a tad blunt and incomplete. Kanchana 2 is definitely an entertaining movie but could’ve easily been much better with a better second half. Time Pass..!! 🙂


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