Ivanuku Thannila Gandam (TAMIL)


Starring: Deepak, Neha, ‘Naan Kadavul‘ Rajendiran, Sentrayan and many more
Editing : Ramesh
Music : A7
Cinematography: Venkatesan
Directed by: Rajesh Seetharaman

Another film which I saw as I had no other option and my friend was insisting that he has to see a film that time. Other films were completely full and this was 80 percent to it. Even though the film got released few weeks back it sustained among many releases. So lets see whats in the store.

Saravanan (Deepak) is a TV host who wants to achieve big in the media line but faces stiff competition and politics through one of his colleague. Meanwhile he gets money for his marriage from a goon and he is unable to pay it back. His marriage gets stopped and thus he comes across the pressure from the goon and also in the work side. Meanwhile he has a love episode in between. Due to heavy pressure he drinks along with his friends and once he comes to sense what he hears is the death of his colleague and the goon. He gets a call which says that the caller had killed them as per what he said. Who is the caller and what did Saravanan say to him is the end product.

Screenplay in the first half is stagnant. Apart from the last 30 minutes which turns this movie into an unbelievable fun riot, the rest of the movie fails to evoke enough interest to keep the audience hooked. There are many sub plots but the ones which has comedy stands out. Though ‘Naan Kadavul‘ Rajendran makes his appearance only in the second half, he carries the entire film from that point onwards. This film can be termed as his film as this movie would almost be worthless without his contribution. Deepak has done a fair job but needs to be more mature while emoting.

Editing is perfect as the film is just over 120 minutes. Camera angles are good but at times proves that this is a low budget movie. There are only a few songs which does not hinder the speed of the movie and the BGM is ok. Director wanted to give a film which is rich in comedy quotient which he almost delivered but he has lost his path in scripting the screenplay. Rajendran will hold you at times or otherwise this is a film which falls flat..!! 🙂


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