Valiyavan (TAMIL)


Starring: Jai, Andrea, Aaron Chaudhary, Bala Saravanan, Azhagamperumal and many more
Editing : Subarak
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Directed by: Saravanan M

This director’s previous two films were of different genre and both were more than satisfactory. So he joins with his first hero once again for his third film and this time he has taken a complete action based story and made his hero suffer a lot by asking him to build a six pack abdomen which made the industry to talk about this film. Lets see how bold this Valiyavan is.

Vinod (Jai) is a marketing executive and he meets Subhiksha (Andrea) who says I Love You to him. Thrown by the surprise he starts in search of her with his colleague (Bala Saravanan). Andrea and Jai’s father (Azhagamperumal) works in the same bank. There comes a boxer in between the life’s of all these three and one fine day Vinod decides to defeat the boxer as per his lady love’s interest. Is that the only reason and does he defeat him forms the second half.

The director has different ideas but the way he has shown on the screen is completely disjointed and the first half keeps on increasing even without letting us know whats happening. It keeps on dragging and there is no idea where it is leading to until the last half hour, when the director decides to reveal the plot. Jai looks good in but his voice still gives the problem whenever he utters the dialogs. His six pack needs no mention. Andrea looks stylish and has performed what was expected from her. Rest of the cast should feel sorry for acting in the film.

Camera and music are the saving grace of the movie. Dinesh’s visuals looks rich along with the costumes and the background music gives the pep needed for an action film. Subarak should have taken a bigger size scissor and should have trimmed the film. Director like Saravanan who has proved in his last two films should rethink what was wrong in this commercial floppy film else it will be paining for him to see all his films giving so much pain to the entire audience. A big huge pain in terms of time, money and eyes..!! šŸ™‚


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