100 Days Of Love (MALAYALAM)


Starring: Dulquar Salman, Nithya Menon, Shekhar Menon, Aju Varghese and many more
Editing : Sandeep Kumar
Music : Govind Menon    Background Score: Bijibal
Cinematography: Pratheesh Verma
Directed by: Jenuse Mohamed

Another Malayalam film which got good reviews across the town and made me to watch this film. And it was a surprise for me to see the entire hall is full for the show. Thats a big thing for a Malayalam film as usually films wont get full during the world cup season. Thanks to the lead pair’s popularity and to the name of the film it enjoys the warm reception here. Lets see what we are gonna see in this 100 days.

The movie revolves around Balan K Nair @ BKN (Dulquar Salmaan), who works as a columnist in National daily. He lives with his best friend Ummer (Shekhar Menon), who is a gamer. BKN, who is recovering from a painful breakup, encounters Sheela (Nithya Menon) in a rainy night, who leaves her camera in the taxi. He immediately falls in love with her and searches for her with the help of Ummer by using the pics left in her camera. Also there is BKN’s staunch rival from his college days, Romanch Kumar (Aju Varghese) who is enjoying  the fate of his friend, ever ridiculing him. This forms the crux of the story.

This is another movie which is set in Bengaluru which is a stylish film that is nothing out of the ordinary. What’s different is the treatment – humour and novelties – the director brings that is clever enough to keep us engaged till the last frame. The movie which travels through the cliched situations and dialogs looks artificial at places. The director has managed to conceal the little flaws to an extent with the brilliant visualisation. Dulquar Salman perfectly plays the role of metro centric journalist guy. He looks stylish and sinks his teeth into his part and carries the movie unaffected all through. Nithya Menon, with her beautiful smile fits well. Shekhar Menon is good and his gaming thinking makes the film to move. The others in the cast play to their roles.

The technical sides adds to the value of the film. Pratheesh Varma’s brilliant visuals makes the movie a perfect visual treat. The cinematographer has succeeded in bringing out the beauty and richness of Bangalore city in his frames. Songs by Govind are good but the editing could have been crisper. Debutant Jenuse should be appreciated for the efforts taken to bring in some freshness while telling a already seen tale. Many real and reel life cliched situations are given some impressive entertaining twists. Every romantic story is clichéd in a sense and it is to the credit of the maker if he is able to find at least a speck of novelty and the film is a delightful watch..!! 🙂


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