Rajathandhiram (TAMIL)


Starring: Veera, Regina Cassandra, Darbuka Shiva, Pattiyal Shekar, Ilavarasu and many more
Editing : Praveen Antony
Music : GV Prakash Kumar    Background Score: Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography: SR Kathir
Directed by: AG Amid

Another no expectations movie. Just went to time pass in a film which is acted by a hero whose previous film (that was his debut too) was a disaster. Most of the crew was either first timers or some sorts of experienced. Involvement of a bigger production houses kindled the interest to watch this. Lets see how the movie is.

Arjun (Veera), Kullan (Darbuka Shiva) and Deva (Ajai) are small time cons who lead a happy go-lucky life until they see the beautiful Michelle D’Mello (Regina Cassandra), who lost her father in the chit fund scam. Having fallen in love with Regina, Arjun along with his friends decide to loot a big amount which lands them in conflict with Madhav Iyer (Ilavarasu) and Naren who are planning a heist. Arjun plans to loot a leading jewellery shop which is run by the powerful Azhagapan (Pattiyal Sekar). Why and how they plan the robbery and what happened to chit fund scam and whats the link between Naren and Azhagapan is left to be watched on the big screen.

Even though we have seen many con films across many languages, this one tries to keep us tight till the end of the film. The film starts casually and gradually increases its speed post interval. Inclusion of just one song warrants a special mention. Though the story looks similar what makes this movie special is the way it’s been conveyed. Veera has delivered a fine performance by expressing lightly and different modulations. His eyes do the job, and his casual way of handling complex situations is such a treat to watch. Regina as Michelle D’Mello is pleasant. Darbuka Shiva is damn hilarious and his one liners gels well in the proceedings and Ilavarasu and Naren are apt choice. The major highlight in the casting is, Pattiyal Shekar. His voice and body language is something new to watch and perfectly fits in the role. Even smaller characters are quirky and convincing — like the laid back inspector, who keeps reining in his anxious subordinate while dealing with the heist.

The film is technically amazing. Cinematographer Kathir adds more perfection to the film through his camera. His using of lights upgrades the film to a higher level. Praveen has made sure the movie turns out to be an edge of the seat entertainer with his sleek editing. Sandeep Chowta’s BGM is the lifeline of this thriller and at times it sends the spine chilling factor to the audience. Amid has retained the freshness throughout the film and the narration is nice. The predictions which we make during the course of the film nothing stands when the real scenario come across. Amid has put everything into his writing. His maturity in handling the subject and the close to perfect execution is what makes this movie a brilliant watch..!! 🙂


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