Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (TAMIL)


Note: This is my 100th post..!! 🙂

Starring: Nakul, Dinesh, Bindu Madhavi, Aishwarya Dutta, Sathish, Urvasi and many more
Editing : Sabu Joseph
Music : Thaman
Cinematography: Deepak Kumar
Directed by: Ramprakash Rayappa

Films, these days, find very difficult to release in a very competitive world of entertainment. But thanks to few production houses, who back some good films, they find a release. One such film which attracted through its trailer finally came out thanks to the backing up. Intriguing trailer which shows right from glipmse of a stone to some blast, car, and even telephone signal pillars. Whats the link for all these? They ask us to press ONE to know that.

The film has about three stories intertwined together. Simi (Bindu Madhavi) who gets stuck in a pit just below the 83 tonne Vaasthu rock waiting for Mukhil (Dinesh) for help. Cut. Raja (Sathish) is a taxi driver whose taxi is used by terrorists to destroy the city on Independence day by planting a bomb which will explode when the terrorist makes a phone call. Cut. And then there is a brainy tech savvy college drop out Vasanth (Nakul) whose job is to make projects for the college students. Also there is a solar based natural calamity occurs leading to a major network jam which snuffs out the much needed signal from each and every mobile phones in the city. Bindu Madhavi is helplessly stranded with a lifeless phone, the terrorists are trying to explode the bomb by making that all important phone call and Nakul tries hard to restore the signal to all mobile phones in the city. How these three stories are brought together in the end forms the rest.

Even though the film has a story well suited for thriller sorts, the entire pacing of the film does not look so thrilling as it has many comedy present in it in the form of dialogs majorly from the call taxi driver. And the romance part of Vasanth and the college girl looks artificial. Nakul scores well by being so casual in his role and his performance. The special mention goes to Urvasi who plays his mother. The way she describes the technicalities to the engineering students deserves a special mention. Dinesh as usual scores with the witty dialogs but seems to have the ‘Cuckoo‘ hangover. Sathish steals the show for most part of the film and Bindu emotes well through her eyes.

Editing is perfect as the film involves three stories in it. Deepak Kumar has given variations according to the situations even in the shadow of the Vaasthu stone. Thaman’s BGM elevates the film and the songs are minimal which is very good in thriller sorts of films. Ramprakash gives a different version of another race against time kind of film that too as his debut. The film could have been well made if the tempo is maintained according to the story but adding few comic scenes for the commercial version made it a less favour to type the ONE which the want us to. Techno Savvy thriller dialled within a commercial placed telephone..!! 🙂


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