Yennai Arindhaal (TAMIL)


Starring: Ajith, Arun Vijay, Trisha, Anushka, Vivek and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Dan McArthur
Directed by: Gautam Vasudev Menon

The directors movies are class on its own. He already took two cop films which was a trendsetter in those times. He joins with a actor who dies to give more and more good films and they come together for the first time after a lot of unsuccessful tries earlier. When they both join and give a cop story then imagine how high the magnitude it will be. Lets see how thats been reflected in the movie.

The film is one of the passage which a person crosses in his life. The story revolves around Sathyadev (Ajith) from his age of 13. Thenmozhi (Anushka) meets Ajith and when she starts liking him she comes to know that Victor (Arun Vijay) is behind the motive of killing her and Ajith is there to rescue her. When she comes to know about Ajith she also gets to know about Hemanika (Trisha) and their daughter. Who are they and where is Hemanika now and who is Victor to Sathya. These all forms the entire story.

If you’ve followed Gautam’s films, the kind of roles he writes for his leading ladies and the way he portrays them are commendable even if they were to feature briefly, and its for sure that none other filmmaker can beat him in this regard. The only best portion of the film is only when Arun Vijay comes to the screen and the rest of all other scenes, the love portions all have already come in the director’s earlier films which was also a cop film. This is one area in which the film slows down and the sad thing is it takes our toll hugely in the first half.

Without doubt we can clearly say that Ajith has given his full life into the character of Sathyadev and except him no one else could have carried it with ease. The actor is full of energy and constantly shines in the classic emotional portions and racy action sequences. After Ajith, it is Arun Vijay who takes the film to a different level. Arun Vijay has brought out his best and we are not surprised on this and finally he has attained the coveted place in the industry. Anushka has little to do, but the beautiful chemistry shared by the lovely Trisha and charming Ajith, definitely works big time. Vivek could have been used a bit more. Parvathy Nair and Daniel Balaji are also present along with Nasser in a short and sweet role.

Anthony’s editing could’ve been way more crispier, as the length of this movie is its biggest minus. Screenplay is slow especially in the first half with the feel of already seen scenes and gets a touch irritating in the second half as well. Harris Jayaraj’s background score is definitely a plus but gets too loud at times. Dan Macarthur’s cinematography is fresh and captures some cool visuals even though its an action field. Gautam has tried to present a cop story with an emotion angle added to it from his previous films but he has almost pulled it as he was duly helped by his characterization of his hero. If not then it will just look like his previous outings. Watch this for Sathyadev and Victor..!! 🙂


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