Isai (TAMIL)


Starring: SJ Suryah, Sathyaraj, Savithri, Ganja Karuppu and many more
Editing : Riyas
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Music and Direction by: SJ Suryah

SJ Suryah, the man who directed two main hero’s in his first two films with both turning out to be blockbusters. He has not done a film in Tamil for the past 10 years and returns with a film where he has acted, done music as well as directed it. He takes the help of the stalwart Sathyaraj and a debutant heroine in this film which got released after many delays. How this music will be.? Will listen to it..

The story revolves around a seniormost musician Vetriselvan (Sathyaraj) and his assistant AK Shiva (SJ Suryah). Shiva gets an opportunity to work as a composer in a small film. When he seeks his master’s blessings to go ahead, he gets permission as Vetriselvan never dreamt that his assistant would be the biggest competitor of his life. Shiva becomes a sensation in music by overcoming his master. But Shiva’s success does not go down well with his master particularly his ego not letting it to accept and what follow is Vetriselvan’s efforts to end Shiva’s career and bring back his lost glory as the master of music.

A huge appreciation can be given to the director Suryah for casting Sathyaraj in the film. We want to see Sathyaraj as a full time villain in his full enthusiasm and briskness which has been brought out very well in Isai. Though most part of the screenplay is taut, at times it becomes predictable and drags in the first half where actor Suryah makes us feel why we chose this film to watch. His shades of presenting the film and reaching the youngsters are also very much present in the film. The second half races away which gets the audience hooked with enough twists and turns before finishing off to a climax which should not be revealed now.

Suryah passes muster as the main lead. Savithri should be lucky enough to play such a role in her debut movie. She has shown her acting skills too in the second half and performs well in the climax part. Now comes the man. We can clearly say that this is another ‘Amaidhipadai‘ for Sathyaraj whom we cant stop looking at awe all through the movie. Villain overcomes the hero here. The talk between him and Ganja Karuppu is the apt thing to mention for his quirky way of saying the dialogs. Music is the soul of this movie which has been aptly named as Isai. SJ Suryah has very much impressed with his songs and background score with no one can say that this is his first movie as the music director.

Soundararajan should be lauded for capturing the right mood of the film with his alluring lighting compositions. A bit of trimming would have helped the film more. It is director Suryah’s intelligently woven brave attempt that enthralls the audiences keeping them hooked to their seats post the second half with almost no songs and boosting up the pace for the end. Isai is a good comeback for SJ Suryah without a doubt with Sathyaraj’s role thumps the movie safe..!! 🙂


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