Darling (TAMIL)


Starring: GV Prakash, Nikki Galrani, Karunas, Balasaravanan and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music : GV Prakash
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasanth
Directed by: Sam Anton

Another horror film that too on the lines of comedy horror, the genre in which plenty of films have come in recent past. Then what difference this film gives which casts almost many newcomers. Need to check that how this remake fares.

A couple gets murdered in a guest house way out of city and there is a belief that a lady ghost resides there. Four people, Kadhir (GV Prakash), Nisha (Nikki), Kumar (Balasaravanan) and Adhisayaraj (Karunas), who all have plans to suicide and die comes there to end their life. But the real reason is to make Kathir love Nisha. When Nisha and Kumar plan on this, the ghost enters into Nisha and makes Kathir go distant from Nisha. Why the ghost haunts them and what does it need forms the rest.

Darling is actually the remake of Telugu film ‘Prema Katha Chitram‘ but Sam has changed some scenes and tweaked here and there which goes well with the film. The usage of off beat comedians in place of seasoned ones forms one of the many pluses this film offers. The one liners and English speaking sequences are a laugh riot by all means. GV Prakash debuts in this film in a lead role and has justified his selection as he was not needed to much as per the need of the role. Emotions seems very hard for him but has done what was needed. Nikki Galrani plays the ghost cum girl friend and has delivered the role with confidence. But the film fully belongs to Balasaravanan and Karunas. Rajendran plays an exorcist, Ghost Gopal Varma, and terrifies us by his dialog delivery and the way he delivers English dialogs. Even though his portions are short he steals those scenes with plumb.

Krishnan’s DOP is apt as most of the shots are placed inside a house but the college shots are pleasant. The film is short which adds more grip to the fear factor. GV Prakash’s music and background score work big time but the flashback’s of him slows down the film initially and looks cliche. Though the film falls into stereotypical horror genre as lot of scenes looks similar to any other horror movie. Despite few flaws, though there aren’t many thrills to send chills down your spine, the comedy gives company throughout..!! 🙂 🙂


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