Kayal (TAMIL)


Starring: Chandran, Anandhi, Vincent and many more
Editing : Samuel
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Vetrivel Mahendran
Written and Directed by: Prabhu Solomon

After the stupendous ‘Mynaa’ and ‘Kumki’, Prabhu Solomon has come up with one more love story set in the backdrop of Tsunami, which hit the Indian coast exactly a decade ago. Has he succeeded in delivering the third installment in his love trilogy? Has the ending being on the same negative side like his previous two hits? Need to check out.

Aaron (Chandran) and Socrates (Vincent) work hard for 6 months and spend their money exploring every nook and corner of India. While travelling to Kanyakumari, they are mistakenly held captive in a village for helping a couple elope. Aaron instantly falls for Kayal (Ananthi), a servant working there and proposes her. After learning that the two friends are innocent, the family releases them. Meanwhile, Kayal realizes she too has fallen in love with Aaron and so begins her journey to find Aaron. Will Kayal find him in spite of many obstructions? Will they reunite despite the Tsunami forms the rest.

Prabhu Solomon has delivered an irresistible love story between an innocent girl and a free spirited young man set against the backdrop of Tsunami, where fate and nature plays the villains. Many comic scenes which involves a old man and many digs at the police gives few interesting laugh in the first half. But certain logic loopholes are there like how the grandmother let her go in search of a man whom she does not know. Too many songs towards the end just drags the film as the thrill keeps growing.

Debutante Chandran is pretty authentic and brilliant. He emotes really well, and his dialogue delivery is absolutely wonderful. Vincent as Socrates makes the roof come down with his one-liners and played his role to utmost perfection along with Chandran throughout the movie. Ananthi’s eyes literally gives the name of the film and she had justified her selection with simple expressions. Krishnamurthy as ‘Zameendar’ rocked his role and his screen presence evokes claps and whistles from all the audience.

Kayal is a technically brilliant movie. Technical aspects and performances are two pillars of this movie. D Imman’s music has once again created magic like it did for ‘Mynaa‘ and ‘Kumki‘. Kayal might have lost its way if not for Imman’s music. Vetrivel Mahendran has done a fantastic job in displaying nature at its best. Samuel has done a decent job as an editor and keeps the movie short enough. Special mention goes to the VFX team to bring alive the 2004 Tsunami on screen almost flawlessly. Prabhu Solomon is very comfortable in dealing with love stories and he makes use of Imman’s potential to inject the love factor quite easily and with interesting dialogs but he seems to travel in the same monotony way of stories. Its a technically magnificent and emotionally wrenching experience where the love unites at the end..!! 🙂


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