Big Hero 6 (ENGLISH)


I am not sure how this review will be as I saw the film without any prior interest and to be frank this is my first animation film viewing experience in the big screen. Also as there were no other better films to watch and we too had a short span of time, we decided to watch this. Let me say what I actually felt about the film.

Hiro is a 14 year old who builds tiny robots that can bash monstrous ones so he can illegally win money at botfights. His big brother Tadashi thinks he is spoiling his time and studies and takes him under his wing and shows his true geekery, with his nuttily-nicknamed friends inventing things that would make the folks go haywire. Hiro come across Baymax, a personal healthcare robot which his brother created. Hiro applies in the same school and prepares microbots which actually makes everyone to look upon him and also kills his brother. What happened because of the microbots and what Hiro does is the rest.

Based on the story which takes place in San Fransokyo (a combination of San Fransisco and Tokyo), the film is a nice cocktail of big-ticket action sequences, funny lines, and a feel-good story about friendship, sacrifice and doing the right thing. With ample twists and turns, the engaging plot navigates on an emotional level, fuelled with humour that is physically intense, unpretentious and well-timed. The 3D does not add much to the entertainment of the film.

Even though there are many characters, it’s Baymax, the chip-and-coding robot ironically, that is the film’s big beating heart. Its so nice to present all the characters in a positive note. The film itself has a short film titled Feast which precedes the main film where you can come across cutest dog you have ever seen. Overall, it is an attractive film that can be classified as a classic animation film..!! 🙂 🙂


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