Thirudan Police (TAMIL)

thirudan-policeStarring: Dinesh, Iyshwarya, Balasaravanan, John Vijay and many more
Editing : KL Praveen – NB Srikanth
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sidharth
Written and Directed by: Caarthick Raju

Directors debut film which is backed by good music and good star cast usually attracts the crowd and so is this film. Hero comes back from an emotional oriented performance in his previous film. So what does this robber gives us and what makes us to note the police. Need to check it.

There is nothing new regarding the story. Singaram (Rajesh) is a dedicated and honest police constable who is determined to see his wayward son Vishwa (Dinesh) also to become a police but he is not much interested. He often gets into trouble with the assistant commissioner’s son (Nithin Satya). The egoistic commissioner plans an encounter of a dangerous local goon Manikam (Rajendran), and plans to get Singaram killed. Vishwa, who is totally unmoved by his father’s death, is offered a position as a police constable and comes to know the truth about his fathers death. The second half is a healthy mix of some excellent comedy and a good dose of sentiments.

One big plus of the film is the simultaneous ooze of comedy track that glues to the story mainly because of ‘Naan Kadavul‘ ‘ Rajendran, John Vijay and Bala Saravanan. The commercial elements are blended well into the narration. The film has an age-old plot and it is only the director’s refreshing treatment of the screenplay that sets this film apart. Dinesh still has a Cuckoo hangover but does a decent job and looks like a constable. The villains played by Rajendran and John Vijay are hilarious, and in the climax scene they are sure to get more claps than the hero. The hero friend and constable played by Bala Saravanan is a scream. He backs up as Viswa’s alter ego and his dialogues make you laugh. Ishwarya Rajesh the heroine is there for the songs and for some romance.

Yuvan’s background music adds some stability to the film while his songs are disappointing. Cameraman Siddharth has done an excellent job while the editing looks crisp. Though its the same old story of revenge, debutant director Caarthick Raju has managed to steal the show with right mixture of comedy, sentiment and action. It will manage to surprise you for comedy has been delivered both by the cop as well as by the miscreant which will make you laugh throughout the film. The movie is a clean time pass without much fuss and more fun..!! 🙂


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