Interstellar (ENGLISH)


One more space film from the Hollywood. Thats what the normal Indian crowd would have thought about this film unless someone knew it was directed by Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Batman Trilogy and Inception. His name adds the extra factor for the film. Man! what a thinking and what a creativity. The transition from the likes of Prestige to Inception and now Interstellar is quite remarkable, and this time the man has put in his heart and soul to weave out a script that has Nolan’s signature through the end. A Big handshake for Nolan.

A crew of five is ready to depart, a mission not to save the world from the clutches of destruction but to find a new home. The journey embarks through a belief that a mysterious appearance of a wormhole near Saturn through which a network of planets where life is possible. The catch is that, on the far side of the wormhole, with the planets on the lip of an enormous black hole, time is far more stretched out than it is on Earth, say like 7 years is equal to that of Earth.

For an average Indian watcher the movie is all about awe and awesomeness, the sheer intelligence is evident through the cognitive mind of the script writer to visualize such a gala spectacle. McConaughey is perfectly cast as a man who knows this mission is his destiny but cannot come to terms with leaving his family. A balanced mix of determination and vulnerability, he makes this cinematic expedition worthwhile. Hathaway is forceful despite getting rather trite dialogues, a special mention being her ‘love conquers all’ speech aboard the spaceship. Another inspired performance the young Murph.

Hans Zimmer’s out of the box sound track just ripples through as the drama unfolds. In all, the movie is a crowd puller of all sorts and has a sentimental touch which is sure to lure not just an average Sci-Fi enthusiast but a little more than that. This is an incredible ride, a film that will scare and stupefy and drop jaws and make us weep, the kind of film that makes our hearts thump against our ribs and makes us believe in the glory of the movies. Nolan take a bow, once again..!! 🙂


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