Kaththi (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay, Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sathish and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: George C Williams
Written and Directed by: AR Murugadas

The two big personalities in their own field joins their hands once again after the blockbuster called ‘Thupaki’ which release two years back. The fans would automatically expect too much. When the director mentioned that Kaththi will be better than previous one, many questioned it, and started to think what would be in store this time. Let’s see how they did it this time.

Jeevanandham (Vijay) is desperately trying to save his village from being swallowed up by a powerful Cola company belonging to an industrialist Chirag (Neil Nitin Mukesh). Kathiresan (another Vijay) is a petty thief who escapes from jail and plans to escape from the country with his friend (Sathish). He meets Ankita (Samantha) in the middle and gets attracted towards her. Meanwhile Jeeva is shot by some men and Kathir uses this situation and he swaps the role. Jeeva is caught by the police and is back in jail and soon Kathir understands why Jeeva is being targeted all the time. The rest of the film is all about how Kathiresan eventually saves the Jeeva’s village.

A protagonist switching places and solving the problems faced by his look-alike is an age-old happening in our movies. The trouble with the film is its first half which moves at a sluggish pace. The film takes its own time to start moving, while the actual plot starts developing only post interval and ends with a stunning climax. You can’t take your eyes of Vijay, he is fantastic as the flamboyant Kathiresan and the sober Jeevanandham. His strong screen presence adds a huge value to the project. All Samantha had to do in the film is smile and look pretty. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks rich in stylish costumes. He deserves a special mention for delivering the dialogues with clean lip sync.

Technically, the film is rich. Anirudh’s music and BGM reaches a new level with. George C Williams’s camera is eye catching mainly the night shots and the songs. The action scenes are well choreographed especially the coin fight scene. Murugudas has conveyed the much needed message to this generation via his brilliant dialogues, and made use of harsh facts to highlight the importance of water and farming. Murugadas has mastered the skills of commercial film making. He has raised the bar once again, and mixed the colorful elements in the right proportion of a social drama, and penned an excellent screenplay. Though there are some logical loopholes, those have been brilliantly plastered by cinematic liberties. This one is sharp even though not a clear razor type… 🙂


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