Anabelle (ENGLISH)


Prequel to the cult hit The Conjuring. What else needs to be said for this film. So whats there in this prequel. Need to have a look into that. Mia and John are a sweet and happy couple and they are expecting their first child. They get a gift which is nothing but a doll (Anabelle) and along with it comes the evil too.

The film starts interesting and only till that it looks interesting. After that it just checks out what a normal horror will would have. Creepy Sounds, yes it has. Doors closing automatically, yes it do. So this is what the entire film is about. Horror fans seeking mainstream films are stuck with Annabelle, a poorly conceived jumble of half-baked pretension executed entirely without joy for the benefit of the easily bamboozled. The premise is flimsy and the leads are tolerable, but the film never manages to rise above mediocrity. There isn’t much suspense and the scares are minimal.

Annabelle goes on towards extended cliches, repetitive scenes and yawn-inducing dialogues in the second half. None of those cliches is more grating. It could have been a decent but unremarkable prequel, instead it ends up being mostly worthless. Give a miss..!! 🙂


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