Jeeva (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishnu Vishal, Sridivya, Charlie, Soori, Lakshman and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Madhie
Written and Directed by: Suseendran

The director is back with a sports genre and with the hero whom he introduced in his debut film. The film is just based about the game of cricket and the pre release hype was given by the two other heroes getting associated themselves with the film. So lets see what this Jeeva is going to give us.

Jeeva (Vishnu Vishal) is hooked to cricket from a young age and he wants to be one another player playing for his country. He comes from a lower middle class family, and struggles to buy a cricket bat, is thrown out of his classroom for playing cricket. His single father is a habitual drinker and is brought up by his loving neighbor (Charlie) and his family. He falls in love with Jenny (Sridivya) his neighbor and there is strong parental objection. Jenny is taken away by her parents and Jeeva throws himself into cricket as he is eying state selection. Will Jeeva make it as the selection system is biased towards a community, forms the rest of the story.

The major highlight of the film is the running time and the treatment given for the problem which is said like a sugar coated tablet. This film is a very proper cricket cinema where the hero gives his life towards the game. Susee has mended the film with a very clean and crisp screenplay. He smartly points out that true talent is often neglected. However the entire first half is devoted to romance and songs for which the hero, even at the school level, waits patiently.

Vishnu, who actually was a Ranji player for Tamilnadu, fits perfectly for the role. He has given a commendable performance, showing the subtle changes as he matures from teenager to young adult. The heroine, Sridivya is cute as a school goer, beautiful as a college student, and looks matured when her role wants her to be. Producer T Siva and Charlie are flawless in their given role, and Soori replicates his magic once again to induce few laughs without swaying away from the storyline. Lakshman, another real life cricketer, emotes well during the match scenes.

Imman’s music is top class and his BGM is terrific especially in second half. Madhie’s cinematogapahy is brilliant. Antony’s editing is taut, and he shows his prowess with some unimaginable cuts in the second half where the cricket takes the center stage. Susee manages to capture some of the excitement on the field and reveals the harsh truths behind the game of cricket that forms such a huge part of the lives of youngsters in the country. On the whole, it is a nice entertaining film, and another feather on the director’s cap..!! 🙂


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