Yaan (TAMIL)


Starring: Jiiva, Thulasi, Nasser, Karunakaran and many more
Editing : Srikar Prasad
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Manush Nandan
Written and Directed by: Ravi K Chandran

Whenever you come to hear that a film is being directed by a well known cinematographer then what strikes you immediately is that it will have splendid visuals. Yes thats absolutely correct. That too when its not cinematographed by the director himself. So the next thought which comes to your mind is what genre of film this would be as the director might have handled the camera for various genre of films and it will kindle your curiosity on the subject. So with the same state of mind we will see how this film works out.

Chandru (Jiiva) meets Srila (Thulasi) and is blown away by her beauty. Though she desist him in the beginning, she eventually falls for him later. Srila’s cousin makes her to question Chandru regarding his future which makes her father (Nasser) to question Chandru on his job. This forces Chandru to leave to Basilistan for work. But he gets caught for the crime of having carried drugs, which he doesn’t commit and is not even aware of. He gets sentenced to the ultimate punishment of being beheaded. What he does to prove his innocence and whether he manages to return home is what the film is about.

The entire first half is filled with scenes that we’ve seen over and over again in Tamil cinema over the last decade. And what you see is definitely not entertainment. The film gives you the feeling that here’s a film that was solely made to entice audiences with stunning visuals. The good news is that it succeeds at that, but the bad news is that great visuals don’t make up for sloppy writing and execution. Jiiva and Thulasi doesn’t even look like a pair and nothing worth to mention. All the other characters are just passer bys.

Harris’s songs are just listening to his previous few hit numbers except that party number. Manush Nandan’s camera just rolls all over the film and that’s the only positive point to be said about this film. The first action sequence is one that would last in our memories forever. Manush has brought out the beauty in everything and everyone, making the movie an experience that will glue you to your seats, just for the camera and angles. Ravi K Chandran is a better cinematographer than a filmmaker or maybe he just isn’t ready yet to be a filmmaker. This Yaan gives just a very big Yawn..!! 🙂


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