Madras (TAMIL)


PS: My 75th Post..!! 🙂

Starring: Karthi, Catherine Teresa, Kalaiarasan, Jayapalan and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: G Murali
Written and Directed by: Pa Ranjith

Another director who has given his second film. That too with a star who deliberately need a hit after a huge setback in his past few films. As usual the teasers, trailers and the songs were looking pleasing so can we think that the film is bankable on.? We need to see how it works for the all of them included in the film as the cast contains more debut performances.

Kaali (Karthi) and Anbu (Kalaiarasan) are very good friends who live in the same area. A wall stands strong against their friendship and its d political pressure of 2 huge parties which lasts for many decades. Anbu is backbone of Maari who is the leader of one party and they are against Kannan, the rival whose father’s image is painted on the wall. How the two of them fight against each other in getting the wall for them is the fitting tale which has romance submerged in it where Kalaiarasi (Catherine) supports Kaali.

North Madras is like how Madurai been portrayed in the movies. Stop. Not in this film where the rivalry is present which takes the final place which comes next to only the bondness of the friends and the casual love and the aura of the North Madras is captured very good. The film has a strong storyline and a powerful cast to back this up. The major success of the movie is attributed to the perfect casting handpicked well and extracting the best from them. The movie has equal mix of realism and commercialism blended well to give viewers a excellent North Madras experience.

Karthi has kept himself low-key after his delivering a series of flops. And Madras is given minimal promotions, which comes as a big advantage for him as people watch the film with less expectations. Hence, it easily makes audience appreciate the film and mainly his performance. His romance with Catherine is quite charming and adds a dash of colour to, on the whole, a gritty film. Catherine is quite adequate in her role. Kalaiarasan convincingly portrays the nature of friendships, and he has an equally alluring romance with his wife, Ritwika, who plays Mary. Hari who plays Johnny the lunatic is damn good and his way of delivering the dialogs deserves special mention. There are N number of supporting characters all are well known by their screen names aka Maari, Kannan, Blue Boyz, Kaali’s parents and his grand mom.. Phew..

Santhosh Narayanan scores one more sixer after his Jigarthanda. He is the next person to watch in this interesting music world. Be it the songs are the power packed BGM’s he ticks off all the boxes which has to be in a political, action vendetta. His score plays a huge role in giving a different color to the film. Murali’s camera is a character by itself and night effect shots add to the mood. Art department plays a major role in this film as the Wall is the central character of the story as it gets older the effect it shows. A certain part of the romance could have been chopped in the second half in the otherwise apt length. Hats off to Ranjith for his detailing in script and presentation and the way he has extracted mind blowing performances from his cast. The film is a wholesome entertainer with some minor arguable moments, Ranjith has yet again pulled off a blockbuster in reckoning. Madras, the name gives the needed spirit. Take a ride..!! 🙂


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