Sigaram Thodu (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Sathyaraj, Monal Gajjar, Sathish and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Vijay Ulaganath
Directed by: Gaurav

An upcoming hunk’s next film boasts of a thriller like genre in the teasers which makes interesting to notice his choice of films. Again this is the director’s second film which comes after a very long gap from his first. The film is backed up with a good producer and a neat music and star cast. But is this again another run-of-the-mill film? Lets see it.

Murali Pandian (Vikram Prabhu), the son of disciplinarian ex-cop Chellapa (Sathyaraj), doesn’t have high expectations or ambitions in his life. All he need is a regular bank manager job. He is not keen on working hard and tries his best to woo the people, who work in bank, in order to get a bank job. On the other hand, his father has some big dreams as he wishes to see his son as a police officer. Whether Murali Pandian fulfils his father’s dream or will he pursue his own dreams is what forms the next where the director has mixed it along with ATM robbery, credit and debit cards forgery.

A lot of detailing has gone into the script. The plot is based on the recent series of ATM credit and debit card skimming and how organised gangs are making money out of cards. The main aim of the ATM robbers is explained pretty well (the next time you step into an ATM, you might look for pin-hole cameras and skimmers). The first half of the film makes the proceedings very slow due to the lack of anything in the lead pair’s love portions mixed with comedy. The father-son bonding looks nice but becomes melodramatic at times.

The film belongs to Vikram Prabhu. He has chosen a good script and does full justice to the character he portrays on screen. But he looks a beginner in the love portions. Sathyaraj portrays his role a T. He is an enigma to watch, his body language, and jumps to the situation and steals the main act from the hero. The little expectations of a father sweeps you off the feet, mainly when he takes his child in his hands and imagines him in a Khaki. Monal comes as a regular heroine. Sathish and ‘Erode’ Mahesh kindle us with a few laughs. Director Gaurav himself as appeared as one of the villains and his voice is a notable thing.

Imman once again proves that he is a melody king in Pidikudhe song. His BGM’s suits the mood of the thriller. Vijay Ulaganath’s camera revolves in the dark and show us the light. Praveen could have trimmed parts of the film as it looks lengthy. The success secret for any action movie is to keep things interesting and never let us wonder about logic and plausibility and Gaurav scores well in this and has packed his screenplay in such a manner. He could have taken care at the romance segment which appears quite too long for comfort with the first half itself looks never ending. Overall the movie is a well researched one and a wholsome entertainer. Worth..!! 🙂


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