Guardians of the Galaxy (ENGLISH)


The first thing which plays a major role for the film is it comes from the Marvel brand which gave us Avengers. So we know what we can expect from them. This film is also based on one of their comic and really the film gives us the comic feel. The film has voices of Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel which makes the film to have animated characters also. Peter Quill, the hero, steals an orb which is a must to have for the villain.

Peter join hands with green skin alien, Drax the hulk (played by WWE Batistuta), Rocket (voice by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel’s voice is damn nice). They do a jail break and prevent the orb to be taken away by the bad man which is very well executed in the movie. The voice over performances from Vin Diesel and, in particular Bradley Cooper, also added their own brilliance to the film. Cooper was hilarious and pretty much on par with the foul-mouthed raccoon from the comics.

While the CGI used to create Groot, shows how far the technology has come, despite him only saying “I am Groot” throughout the film, the character had just as much presence as anyone else on screen. The action scenes are both coherent and dazzling. The 3D justifies itself with an impressive depth of field, particularly bringing an extra thrill to those dogfights between rival spaceships. These guardians are nothing but the marvels of the galaxy. Dont miss them..!! 🙂


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