Amara Kaaviyam (TAMIL)



Starring: Sathya, Mia, Thambi Ramayya and many more
Editing : Suriya
Music : Gibraan
Cinematography and Directed by: Jeeva Shankar

This is the second film of the director who gave a very nice hit in his debut film, Naan. He chose a romance script which is based on the teenage love in the 80s period. Sathya, not a very bankable actor, plays the lead where his brother, Arya, produces the film. Will the director gives his worth in his second too. We will take a look.

Jeeva (Sathya) and Karthika (Miya) are high class students in a hill town. They fall in love with each other where Jeeva’s friend Balaji also has a feel for Karthika. Quite early in their courtship, however, their families become aware of their deep affection for one another. They are totally against it and this predictably ends in fights and tears. Jeeva becomes violent when he comes to know that Karthika shifts her base to another town and what he does later makes the pretty predictable ending.

The film has a very sluggish first half where why the lead pair is in love is not clearly explained. The scenes which builds up to the romance is also not interesting. The film moves to present and past where we comes to know the hero is a person who escaped from prison and the scenes move very slow in second half too. The story line is also not very new which should have been wrapped with a better screenplay where here both goes opposite to each other and makes us feel why we came to see this.

Mia emotes so beautifully and comes across as a seasoned performer. Sathya looks tailor-made for the role, occasionally he does a bit of acting and his emotions lacks anything. Also, one of Thambi Ramayyah’s forgettable performances. The supporting cast are good mainly Jeeva’s step father and his friend. The man behind the camera is the director himself and he has chosen the perfect location for his film. Ooty’s breathtaking beauty comes alive in every scene, and the backdrop seems almost like a painting, picture perfect. Gibraan’s painstaking and impactful background score has added life to the narration effortlessly. It could easily pass as his best scoring effort till date.

Director Jeeva Sankar has attempted to portray an intense love story and he does succeed to some extent with help of his camera and his music director whereas the screenplay plays a very big bad which does not help him. Overall, the film is about love in abundance, which sadly fails to appeal in practicality, and turns out to be a damp squib that soberly tries to be a definite classic. It cannot be considered as Kaaviyam but one of the other regular boring romantic film..!! 🙂


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