Salim (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Antony, Aksha, Swaminathan, Aruldas and many more
Editing : MV Rajesh Kumar
Music : Vijay Antony
Cinematography: MC Ganesh Chandra
Directed by: NV Nirmal Kumar

His last movie was a sleeper hit which made everyone notice ‘what? he can act too?’. Basking on that success comes his next film named on his character of his previous film. I am mentioning about Naan, Vijay Antony’s debut flick. Salim is also in the same genre that’s what the teasers and trailers show us. But lets see what the thriller offers.?

Salim (Vijay Antony), who works at a multi-speciality hospital, is a good doctor and a decent human being who wants to be like himself. But no one likes him as he is just simply being good. Even his fiancee Nisha (Aksha) dumps him saying some stupid but true reasons that he does not even spend time with her. Meanwhile he is also dismissed from the job as he does not earn more for his hospital and he gets insulted by everyone. So finally decides to change himself for a day and tries and does things which portrays him as a bad guy. His migration also deals with one more serious issue which makes the film racy. What happens to him is the end.

Songs placing is the one which definitely needs a worth to mention. Starting early with a duet and finish much early with a item number the music is intact which is need for a film of this genre. Though the second half of the movie continues to be in one same location it does not give you a bored feel as the screenplay is very crisp. Vijay Antony carefully picks his characters which does not go overboard and he does what comes to him correctly. Once again he emotes well in this film too. Aksha over reacts in many scenes as her character is etched in such a way.

Cinematography is picture perfect especially the opening duet. It deserves a worthy mention mainly for its long shots. The night shots are visual treat. Editing is also nice as it does not make you feel lonely. Dialogs are the main plus for this film which deals with social issue too. BGM’s are good and the main theme is back again which haunted in Naan. Nirmal Kumar has taken care in executing what he has actually invoked in the visual. As usual the film does not end with the hero joining with heroine which gives more scope for continuing the services in the sequel like how it showed in the previous film.

Being true is not even welcomed by others and if one gives it back to them by changing to bad then what will happen is a known thing. This flick by Nirmal with Vijay Antony proves that the actor’s debut was not a funny one but we can expect a music director to double up from the previous job and the film is also carried away with progressive improvements.. 🙂


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