Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam (TAMIL)


Starring: Thambi Ramayya, Santhosh, Akhila and many more
Editing : Sudharshan
Music Songs: Alphons Joseph, Sharreth, Vijay Antony, Thaman    Music Background: C Sathya
Cinematography: Rajarathinam
Directed by: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Difference always never gets accepted and in most of the cases it gets overlooked. That was the initial case for this film which just informs us that the film does not have a story but it names itself as the 4 most important aspects for a film. Thats the mettle which the director R.Parthipan who is known for his difference. For a change he has rechristened himself as Radhakrishnan Parthiban too from this film for reasons known only to him.

Film without a story. Thats the story of the film. Apart from that if we search something in the film then it leads us to a group of people with the dreams of becoming big in the film industry headed by one of the seniormost assistant director Seenu Sir (Thambi Ramayya) along with few others who works as assistant to Tamizh (Santhosh). Their daily work is to find a story for their film and have their discussions in Tamizh’s house which disturbs his wife Daksha (Akila). Are the terms good between them? Has the group found the story? Did Santhosh directed it? Check out.

The film as mentioned is really a tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema as no one has ever had the guts to announce that their film does not have any story as such. This film just go throughs the different phases of the film industry, its plus and minuses and it has its similarities with the few weeks old Jigarthanda as both deals about film in a film. The film packs with Parthiban’s stamp all over which makes the film to watch carefully not with your eyes but also with your ears too.

As the subject is a bit tricky, director depended on a fresh star cast with backing of a senior Thambi Ramayya and he proves why he earned a National Award. He is an extraordinary performer, and has been aptly chosen for this role. The extra support has been given by many senior actors viz. Arya, Vishal, Taapsee, Amala Paul, Vijay Sethupathi and many more in a cute and sweet cameos. The director himself appears in some important scenes of the film which makes the film to develop more interestingly.

Rajarathinam deserves to be lauded for his spectacular camera and angles setting the mood right in every frame. Seeing the film to be completed with just a few minutes over 2 hours makes us to laud Sudharshan, the editor. The songs are nice as they are little and the BGM tickles the thrills and chills of the movie. The director has penned a different story with crisp and interesting screenplay backed by sharp and witty dialogues and directed it well to make sure he has titled the film aptly. Parthiban has given us a film based only on a good writing and proved that director and story always marks the success of a film and not only the star power. 🙂


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